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Perfil Rent a Car | Rent a Car in Salta and Jujuy


Perfil Rent a Car has always been a leader in the car rental market of Salta (Argentina) since 1999. Later, it expanded its fleet with the opening of its agency in Jujuy. Besides, it works together with the net of Agencies in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Our system Perfil Rent a Car was optimized to allow a quick deliver of vehicles. Our customers have the possibility of renting new and adapted 4x4 and different model of cars, specially adapted for roads and heights in the area. Our vehicles meet the needs of each client.

Perfil Rent a Car
has suited staff to make your experience, welcoming. Our staff has a good command of Spanish and English always willing to anticipate your needs because of the social and technological challenges of the market.

The company has engineers, technicians, mechanics and electricians for vehicles maintenance.

Changes and continuous updating of the fleet are easily made because of the wholesale operations system Perfil Rent a Car has. This allows us to offer an excellent service with prices that will let you rent our vehicles.

We have our agencies well-located in order to offer better client contact. And as a result of this the pick up and returning of the vehicles are much easier and without time waste. Clients can receive vehicles in hotels, airports or in other cities with an additional charge of “drop-off”.

Our service efficiency has made of us a recommended company in our country and in foreign countries.

Perfil Rent a Car offers amenities together with your rental for your comfort, relaxation and safety:

- Car amenities
- Baby safety seat

Amenities for Pick up 4x4 Toyota Hilux

- Pole
- Tachograph

- Chain drive shaft safety
- Radio UHF or VHF
- Base radio UHF VHF
- Internal roll cage
- External roll cage
- Pick up cover bag
- Tires according to work load
- Rotating lights mounted on the roll cage
- Speed indicator stickers and others

We have towing truck, replacement of vehicles and 24 hs. mechanic service available.

These and other benefits are offered to all our clients.

Perfil Rent a Car | Rent a Car in Salta and Jujuy

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